dudley's menu

Our cafe menu reflects the espresso drink classics. All of our drinks comes with a double-shot no matter the size. You won’t get cheated out of your caffeine buzz when you order an 8oz. drink! Like to add an extra shot or two to that 16oz. drink? Not a problem. We serve a nice, chocolaty, medium-dark Huehuetenango from Guatemala, roasted locally by Bonsai Beans. Seasonally we serve cold brew also from Bonsai. And if you’ve had your fill of caffeine for the day, we’ll put our decaf espresso against anyone in Bend. 

 If coffee’s not your thing, we have a large selection of teas from Metolius Tea and Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. Maybe you’re a chai lover? We’re the only place in Bend serving Prana Chai– a whole leaf, whole spice blend coated in Australian bush honey, served with Macadamia Nut milk. Not too sweet, not too spicy- pure chai bliss. If spicy chai is your jam, try the ever-popular Metolius Chai with strong notes of ginger and pepper, made right here in Bend. 

Whether your browsing the books, having a meeting,  or just looking to relax, we’ve got the right kind of drink for everyone.